Toward an intelligent use of energy...

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Energy Efficiency

Areas of expertise :

  • Thermal : natural gas and renewable energies
  • Residential, commercial and industrial
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and domestic hot water production
  • Measurement
  • Commercial kitchen and commercial laundry equipment

Services :

  • Technical and economic studies
  • Measurement and verification of energy savings
  • Laboratory and on-site technology evaluations
  • Program development assistance

Achievements :

  • Commercial and industrial HVAC: condensing boilers, unit heater efficiencies, thermal energy wheels, micro-modulation and indoor-outdoor temperature controls, economizers
  • Domestic hot water: condensing water heaters for residential use, instantaneous water heaters for commercial restaurant use
  • Commercial kitchens: energy-efficient fryers, hot plates, pressure cookers and dishwashers
  • Commercial laundries: ozone sterilization systems
  • Residential HVAC: high-efficiency combination systems